My Slow Responding HR

Second attempt at this post… @Captain_Doughnutman - I recall you talking about slow responding HRs before I believe…

42M, 183 Max HR, 216 FTP, 70kg

I am in a 6 week block of trainig that has 2 VO2max workouts per week. Mondays, I do Denali progressively working up the ladder of + versions. (6on/6off @ 105-112%) During these efforts, my HR tends to finish around 165. On Wednesdays, I do a short VO2max interval workout. (Taylor -2 last week, Bluebell this week, Rattlesnake next week, Rattlesnake +1 the following…) On these short intervals, my HR doesn’t get very high despite my legs screaming at me. At the end of the 1 minute Bluebell intervals, my HR usually was around 150. In the seconds after finishing the work portion, HR would climb a couple beats to around 155 then drop quickly and be down to 135 within 30 seconds. I kept thinking that as the intervals accumulated that I would start each one with a higher HR and finish with a higher HR but that wasn’t the case. My final interval on the 3rd set was lower than the final interval on my 1st set.

I don’t feel like my FTP is set too low, as my legs barely finished the last interval of Denali. Should I be focusing on the longer VO2 intervals where my HR seems to be more directly affected?


edit: Oddly, as I look at Taylor -2, which is 30 sec/30 sec my HR was also getting up into the mid 160s, but only recovering down into the upper 140s/lower 150s.

Do you see affecting HR as a goal of a workout, rather than just a result of the work?

I don’t have it as a goal of the workout, but I keep a watch on it as I don’t ride outside with power. Knowing that 20 minutes @ 92% keeps my HR around 158-160 allows me generally estimate my work rate while riding outdoors.

Your VO2max range and the power which inflicts the state of VO2max is very individual (and it also changes). TR chose 120% FTP because it’s at the lower end of the range where, hopefully, most riders would hit VO2max. Some people respond to short intermittent 30/30 type intervals, some people to longer steady state 3-4min intervals. It’s your job to find out what works for your individual physiology. Try out lots of stuff. :+1: