My pitch to name red light green light GAR

So we now know that the project should have been called Swordfish. So I am making my pitch that the new feature should instead be called GAR.

Green Amber (miss you!) Red.

Now the magic is, you are in your training block, your friend is like, hey try this zwift race. You hammer out of the gate and absolutely destroy yourself. The next morning you look at your TraininerRoad app and shout. GAR!!! because you are definitely Red.






What ever happened to international pirate speak day, Matey?

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Very confusing, since when I was active duty we used a “GAR model” for risk assessment.

And, also…

Me mother was a mermaid
Me father King Neptune
I was born in the crest of a wave

Few of you will get that.

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Could we not split it up into more sections, say pieces of eight? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: