My cadence [is] higher after week and a half on TR

Since I started TR my cadence has gone from around 85 to 92. Mainly because TR keeps on top of you to keep it around 90. I know it’s personal preference and all that but as an ultra cyclist training for long distance events, is it a good idea to up it like I did or maybe it makes very little difference. Thanks​:+1:t4::man_biking:

Overly general, but you should train at the cadence (and cadence range) that you need to and intend to use in your events. What is right for you in particular in conjunction with your events may well differ from others.

To that end, consider the way you plan to ride and apply those cadences appropriately.

The cadence guidelines are partially in place to help increase cadence for the majority of newer riders who tend to spin too slowly.

There are other cadence recommendations that are more specific with respect to the interval type, intensity, and duration, so those may have more emphasis behind them than the general 85-95 recommendations.


Thanks Chad.Enjoying this TR I must say, fairly addictive. Can’t wait until the end of the 6 weeks to try my ramp test again and hopefully be up from 206!!!

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Welcome to TR and I agree it is very addictive. :stuck_out_tongue:

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