MVDP numbers at Strade BIanche

He is kinda like the huge russian guy in the Rocky movies…its almost unnatural.


Divide the numbers by 600 and we’ve got something in common. Only I can’t even average 1300w for a second :hushed:

Wouldn’t be surprised if it were much higher than that.

I don’t think an accurate FTP can be determined from a single race performance.


I think when you are that good you train to comfortable or Functional Threshold Power that you know you can repeat every ride, rather than an All Out Theshold Power.


Which must mean Wout van Aert is Rocky. Yo, Adrian!


I know that his sprint power really is remarkable here, but that he can sustain 389 normalized for nearly five hours (and 440 for the final 1.5 hours) really blows my mind. I can barely sustain 350 watts for 90 seconds!


When he won the Dutch National Champs last year his FTP was about 425 based on the numbers post by his team. That was another monster ride.


If there is a maximal effort (and there would have been here!) Xert can work it out pretty well.

To me the interesting thing about that chart is that his hardest effort came over an hour out from the finish … and he could still monster that final climb.

I wonder if he even cares/knows his “FTP”? I’d love to know what the really top pro’s value in terms of metrics, or if anyone knows of an article where they discussed it?

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For the link to the details

Repeatability and fatigue resistance, both of which you can see in the chart.

Fatigue resistance is often measured by doing maximal efforts after a certain kj target is reached.

This brought a tear to my eye…


An FTP = 423 doesn’t seem to align to an NP of 439 for 1:30:00. That would be an IF of 1.04 for 90 minutes after doing 3:15:55 at an IF = 0.92.

So I’m guessing his FTP would need to be closer to 450

Edited to correct my incorrect reading of the total time



His FRC is nuts…


Pfft… I see B racers on Zwift do this all the time! :rofl:


If you believe these numbers are natural, I’ve got a bridge to sell you


Ha…I saw a guy doing 10 w/kg up the Alp last week and he held it for a few minutes.

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I would think it would be raising red flags somewhere.

I’d say he’s one of the more believable cycling superstars. Impeccable genetics and he’s been dominating since he was a kid.


Couldn’t agree more. I’d argue we’ve never seen genetics like this, combined with skills and a mindset to win. He has not come out of nowhere. He’s been doing this from the beginning, which makes it remarkably credible.

Side note:
MVP has raced 15 WordTour race since he started at the WT level in 2019. He’s won 5 of those (1 GC win, 4 one-day races). He placed in the Top 10 on 10 occasions. :flushed: