MTB Wheelset Lightweight v. "Compliant"

I’m not even quite sure what compliant means from a riding perspective, which is why I put it in quotes. I’m looking at a new wheelset for my FS Epic and have my eyes on either a lightweight e*thirteen xcx 24mm wheelset (1350gr) or the “compliant” Crankbrothers Synthesis XCT Carbon (1554gr). My race plans include PCP2P (if it happens this year), Leadville next year and got my eye on the Breck Epic and other MTB marathons/stage races in the future. Given my race tendencies (lots of hills in my future), I’m leaning towards lightweight buuut I know if I have a solid set of wheels that can help in descending, cornering and offer a better ride, then that will lead to a potentially faster time as well.

If anyone has any experience with either wheelset, please share. I’ve read reviews but don’t find them to be too helpful. Thanks!

I’m about 3 weeks on my Crankbrothers Synthesis XCT wheelset. So far I’m a big fan. Instead of restating, I’ll point you here:

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Did you end up getting either wheelset? And are you happy with what you got? About to make a similar decision. Wight the e*thirteen xcx vs. Crank Bros Synthesis vs Lightbicycle…

Will be for a new Epic Evo, so similar type of riding to yourself.

Yes, I went with Crankbrothers and mounted a pair of Maxxis Aspens tubeless. I have had only 2 rides on them. I came from a pair of aluminum rovals with purgatory/ground control mounted.

Aside from weight (and obviously rolling resistance), I haven’t been able to discern any significant differences between the two. However, I’ve been riding on some new-to-me trails nearby so it’s hard to say if they are having an impact. I do feel like I’m navigating the rock gardens better but not sure if it’s the wheel or how I’ve adjusted my riding.

In my fantasy world where I have infinite time I’d like to A/B the rims at my usual trail. Anyway, I’m happy with them for the weight savings alone. I didn’t go with the i9 hub model…kinda wish I did for better engagement and that sweet sweet buzzing sound.