MTB jersey advice sought

A lot of good info shared here, so I ask this expecting to get a reasonably definitive answer ( :slightly_smiling_face:): Does my ideal MTB jersey exist? So far I haven’t been able to find it. Here are the criteria:

  1. 3/4-sleeve or at least longish short-sleeve;
  2. Not super tight or form-fitting, but not overly baggy either;
  3. Substantial but cool/breathable fabric;
  4. Graphics/design (plain, darker colors ideal) that look suitable more for a 50-something dad than for a 13-year-old BMXer;
  5. Pockets. What do MTB top designers have against pockets? I’m fine with the three divided lower-back pockets found on roadie jerseys. But at least a zippie pocket. I guess I’m “wrong” but I like having my phone in my back pocket.

So am I completely out of my mind? Thanks so much in advance for any pointers.

Have a look at Owayo shirts. Not sure if they are available in the shops as they seem to do custom prints - club colours and the like. The only item on your list missing on the shirts that I have is the zipped pocket.

Excuse the ugly model in the first shot!

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Endura make MTB jerseys with a zip pocket and in normal colours.

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Castelli custom does our team kit and they offer a mountain bike jersey that hits 4 or 5 of your criteria. 3/4 sleeve, nice fabric - not lycra tight but not loose either, two zippered pockets in the back.

Since its a custom shop piece you can get any graphic you want. Or… find a bike shop selling them with a decent graphic design as their shop shirt.

Here is an example:

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Galiber do a 3/4 jersey, with a key pocket. I’ve got their trail ls top and lots of shorts and all good value m

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Thanks for all the input; very helpful. Searching on the above interestingly got me to this one below, which I hadn’t seen before. If anyone else shares my list of criteria then this one, while not cheap, seems to come pretty close: