Mountain Bike Headset Question

Hi all,

I know there’s some very switched on mechanically inclined bike folk in here, please humour my potentially dumb question but I can’t get an answer.

Can I replace the headset top cover on my mountain bike without replacing the headset?

I have a 2021 Scott Spark 910 with OEM ZS44/55 headset. It’s been noisy but I think/hope that I have sorted that. If the noise returns I’ll replace the headset, but I would quite like to be able to use standard headset spacers and other stems more easily and the Syncros system, while looking sleek, is a bit of a faff in that regard.

Parts I’d like to swap out.

I could buy a ZS44 top headset and keep the actual headset/bearings as spares. It’d be significantly cheaper if I can do the cover only though.

I am not sure about the topcover but my top cap is basically my Wahoo Mount.