Bookmarks: Would like to bookmark topics, but not simply time based

Bookmarks seem a hidden feature and I have only just discovered them. However when I came to bookmark a discussion of a partiocular comment the only options were to come back to the post as a reminder some time later.

I was looking to create my own set of useful posts on various topics to come back to. The real problem is that, soon after a topic is opened, there can be hundreds of posts, many riff off the original topic and it is difficult to find the really interesting and insightful ones again. Being able to build my own set of categorised bookmarks for either discussions or posts would be really useful.

Examples: Specific aerodynamics, 12 hour TTs, specific training issues etc.

Now I know I can search for these, but I would like to mark some. Frankly, the current bookmark is both not very obvious and not that useful as a mere reminder. i would be surprised if many use it instead of simply looking at the topics replied to.

Just a thought…

(I guess I could use normal browser bookmarks, and create this in my browser bookmark folders)

You can mark something as a bookmark
Then select No Reminder Needed, then you just get a normal bookmark