Mood light for SAD

Any mood light suggestions for seasonal affective disorder. Hoping to set one up by my trainer in the dark dreary basement. I’ve seen loads of cheap ones on Amazon. Thanks!


Any of these lights with 10,000 lumens per my doctor.


A little pricey but they definitely work. New SunRay II Floor Stand Combo- Bright Light Therapy - The SunBox Company

I found sunrise alarm clocks help me a lot. Not starting the day in the dark is key.

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Would rigging up one of these on my trainer desk work?
SANSI 400W Equivalent LED Light Bulb, 6000 Lumens Brightest LED Bulb, 5000K Daylight E26 A21 Super Bright Light Bulb Non-Dimmable, 22-Year Lifetime, 40W Power Energy Saving LED Bulb for Home Workshop

and having one that also lets you use it as a lamp too. After the sunsets in winter at what like 4:15 PM, keeping it on until an hour or so before you go to bed helps too. I’ve got the Phillips and it gets a lot of use from Late October thru early March. (during standard time…)

Yeah I actually have a 2nd one that I keep on my desk and leave it on in my field of view. Kinda doubles as better lighting for video calls.

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Doesn’t seem bright enough - see the post above saying 10,000 lumens.

That said, adding some more light will likely help already.