Modifying training approach / dropping intensity

As advice on intensity during these times seems to both support both vo2/interval training and moderate excercise, i guess people will have different approaches to this question. to me it makes sense to drop intensity as sweetspot work in the unseeable future may bring you to a state of mental burnout at least, and depending on the volume, probably a longer recovery time after.
i thought about dropping down on the sweetspotworkouts and doing more tempo, as most of us wont have the ability to train 4-5 hours a day z2. if you leave some SP workouts on your plan, add a few touch up/maintenance workouts to get some vo2/anarobic stimuli and get in more tempowork, it sounds like a managable workload that will keep you fit and strong without putting too much stress on the and prolonged recoverytime.
I find tempoworkouts a bit monotonous and boring, so inusually try to cram in as many SS intervals with just enough rest to get the most out of 60-90 minutes.
Can you show me your «best» tempoworkouts? i guess a good workout could be one where you can progress and extend the intervals from week to week.
I like workouts like Electra