Modified General Build plan

I’m currently finishing up SSBIIMV plan. These contained mostly 1 hour exercises on the weekdays which made it easy to add 30 min of Endurance rides (like Volunteer).
The way I do it is I have 1 hour in the morning for whatever workout and 30 min in the evening for endurance riding while dinner is cooking.

So the question is, will swapping out all the 1hr30m rides on the weekday General Build plan with the 1 hour versions then doing a 30 min endurance ride in the evening be detrimental to my progress?
Seems all the 1hr30m rides are 30 min of 65%FTP anyways.

Isn’t a 30 minute endurance ride an oxymoron? Takes me about 15minutes to warm up outside. RPE drop/HR rise. AFAIR for endurance rides to be of benefit you have to head into the 3 hour zone or thereabouts to activate the adaptations. I believe the point of endurance time after higher intensity effort is that it comes while all the systems are active and fatigued giving the adaptation benefit that way. Hopping on the bike for 30 minutes after the systems have recovered is not the same at all.

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I don’t think it would be detrimental, but as above would question how much benefit there is to doing standalone 30 minute endurance rides. 30 minutes endurance is useful for a recovery ride, or at the end of a hard workout, on it’s own it’s not really adding much other than bumping up your hours/mileage.

If you really can’t extend your morning workouts then I think that evening time would be better spent doing something like strength training. Or doing something (chores? family time? work?) that enables you to ride longer at the weekend. E.g. adding an hour of 65% onto each of the weekend rides would be much more beneficial IMO than 4 x 30’ standalone workouts during the week.

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