Mobile Website Issue

Was on the mobile site today. iPhone 11 - 13.6.1 Safari.
And it’s not so useful when looking at a particular ride.
Here’s a video but it’s not showing up in the preview so might not work.

What’s happening is that the graph at the top of the page showing power, elevation, hr, cadence and speed doesn’t scroll. It hovers over everything on the page. You can see the info scrolling by above and below the graph, it’s just all covered up.

Hey! Sorry you’re having this issue, the graph is definitely intended to be static, but not to that degree! We’ve been able to reproduce it and that it seems to be specific to the iPhone 11, so we’ve created an issue for it and have passed it along to our developers.
It should work better if you dont rotate your phone in the meantime, but we are working on a fix!
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :star2:

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