Miami bike shop recommendation please

Looking for a quick recommendation for getting a bike in the Miami/Miami beach area. My daughter (20) is needing a bike for commuting to and from work and I’m not too familiar with her options of where to go looking. Priorities are proximity, and (most importantly) a culture of kindness in the shop.
Ideally I can figure out where to go and that they have a few good options before she makes her way there. I’m trying to give her a bike as a gift and it’s complicated from a distance!

Mack Cycle - hands down

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Just looked that up, maybe a bit far from her? she’s in Miami beach
Thank you!

I have received good service from both Bike Tech as well as City Bikes. I’m afraid to color these shops as having a culture of “kindness”, but they have knowledgeable staff with a broad selection to chose from. City Bikes is in the North Miami Beach area, near Aventura. Bike Tech has a shop a bit closer to the South Miami Beach area (they term it their MidTown store, but its a relatively short drive from South Beach across the Venetian).

As an FYI, they typically have a good selection to chose from, but, generally, these aren’t shops where you’re likely to find bargains per se. Demand is still running pretty high round these parts.

Also, note, though they have their selections listed on-line, I would STRONGLY advise you to call the shop to make sure they actually do have the bike in stock for her to chose from… I give you that advise from personal experience. They are often a bit lax updating their website for in-house stock.

To the extent that these stores are still too far from her, there is a shop I haven’t gone to personally, but is certainly closest to her if she is down south is:

They also seem to have a good selection and seem to have a broad “commuter” selection. Again, no personal experience, but geographically friendly.

This is super helpful, thank you!