Message to rollers users

if You are training on rollers, please check if bolts holding up the roller drums are tighten :slight_smile:
Yesterday, after two months of using my Elite Arion rollers, a drum fell off (luckily not while training) and I discovered all the bolts got loosen, which I did not feel at all during previous rides.
Wish You all safe training :wink:


Thanks for the heads up!

Yikes! I normally ride Elite rollers, but when I get on my older Kreitler’s, I always check the safety ‘cotter pin’ that holds the rollers into the tracks. I don’t know if I have ever torqued the acorn nut that secures the roller itself however. I’ll give it a peek today!

Thanks. My Arion is a smart trainer and if the bolts start to get loose, there is a very distinct noise that makes me tight them immediately preventing any possibility of a catastrophic event.