Meniscus repair recovery

I’ve had both a repair and removal on the same tear, about a year apart. I was 24 at the repair, and 25 at the removal. The tear initiated as a rugby injury, and was re-injured doing strength work a year later and the surgeon decided it was best to remove at that point. I wasn’t a cyclist at the time, so I can’t comment on how long it might take to get back on the bike. The repair was a ~6 week recovery with crutches, a cane, an immobilizer brace to limit my RoM, and physical therapy involved. With the removal I was walking next day and back to normal activity within a week or two. If you’re going in for a repair, you should expect a longer recovery timeframe for sure.

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Quick update to help those that have similar procedures. Pre-hab… Strength training helped me recover very quickly. I’m 8 weeks after surgery and back to 3.75W/kg. For reference, peak was 4.1 last summer. I still can’t mountain bike due to the impact, but light gravel is fine. Hoping to be lining up at SBT GRVL black this summer!
Thanks to all sharing your experiences before I went into the surgery. Was worried my summer was shot, but things are starting to look up.


Thank for for the follow up. I’m looking at getting this done in the near future and thought that pre-habbing would help. Thanks for another data point.

After a stretch of work that had me kneeling quite a bit (building a trade show booth), one of my knees was terribly sore and I was limping about. So much so, I went to the local orthopedic sports specialists to learn what was up with my knee. The ortho took a scan, diagnosed I had a meniscus tear, and offered to get me in within a week to “clean it up.”

I asked a Dr. friend for a 2nd opinion and within minutes she texted me links to several peer reviewed papers that recommend against having minor meniscus tears removed for middle aged adults (I was 50 at the time). That was 5 years ago. I still have a torn meniscus in my knee. I’m as active as ever (bike, run, ski, etc…) and as long as I maintain my mobility, it never bothers me.

YMMV, but do your research, get other opinions, and look at options for avoiding surgery.


I 100% agree with this. The research is there, and in my experience it’s a coin flip after the age of 50 for minesectomies. Half the patients do OK, and the other half just hasten the need for a knee replacement sooner. Just doing the scope and removing the tissue changes the knee and the swelling/pain although short term really affect quad strength and activation.

That being said if someone’s knee is constantly buckling, locking, or catching then surgery is almost always a must.

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Had mine done in mid - December 2018 and stiil made it to the Mallorca 312 in early April 2019- although I did the 225 distance. It took a few weeks to get a good range of motion before starting training. I would recommend focusing on gym work to rebuild the muscles.

Had my L lateral meniscectomy done 12 years ago. They’re much less invasive and encourage WBAT asap nowadays. I probably was too conservative getting back to WB and PT and probably developed some scar tissue in the process. I don’t have full range of motion anymore. Like @jreinfeld said prognosis is 50/50