Maybe moving to North Carolina - Triad Area Advice

Hey guys!

It’s been a weird couple of weeks, as it turns out I may be making a change and heading to North Carolina.

My question for those who are in this general area where do I look for housing that is best for my hobby (cycling). The company I may be moving too is/will be permanently located in Greensboro, NC and a project I will be working on is out in Liberty, NC. I am willing to do reasonable commuting (30-40 min each direction, if I have too)

I am an avid Road, Gravel and MTB rider, I currently live in an area where MTB trails are 10-minutes from my home by bike now.

What areas should I look for and what should I avoid?

I have been kind of looking at the North Side of Greensboro (Storington, Hillsdale, North Jeanette and Summerfield/north witty Etc). I see there are greenways and some MTB trails in that area and of course great trails in driving distance (Pisgah) but I would like some home week-day training trials. I feel like those places are also on the edge of town so 10-mins north I can be on some great road riding roads?

I also am reading that Greensboro is a great place to raise a family (I have 2 small children). Honestly south of Greensboro looks great in the

I will be going to Greensboro this week, so would love to check out some recommendations.

Thanks everyone!


The MTB trails in Greensboro are pretty awesome…check out:

Also there are active road cycling groups operating around Greensboro with weekly training rides on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I’d call some local bicycle shops or get a Strava account and check out their heat maps to show you where the popular rides occur.

By the way, my daughter and 4 grandkids live in Summerfield. It seems like a good place to raise a family.

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I live just West of Greensboro and I would say the Northwest area of Guilford county is probably the most desirable right now - Summerfield, Oak Ridge, etc. The Lake Jeanette area that you mentioned is not bad either. Summerfield to Liberty is about a 40’ drive. There are plenty of group rides that go out from different places. Check out (I hope that link works) and you’ll see there are quite a few that are available.

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Thank you guys so much for the responses!

This is great information and using heat maps is how I kind of came to the idea of the general area I mentioned.

I should be putting boots on the ground out there next week and I will give each area a closer look.

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