Moving to Delaware - How’s the cycling?

So, in a complete change in our plans, my wife got a job in Delaware just east of Newark (basically halfway between Newark and Wilmington). I have no knowledge of anything about Delaware except for the Wayne’s World reference. I don’t even know where to start looking for housing but was curious about the cycling scene. It’s close to Philly and DC, and a weekend drive to NYC, so events-wise I should be good. But how is the everyday riding? Should I try north or south of her work? Anybody live in the area can give me some tips?



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Head northwest into PA and you’ll be in farm land. Endless miles of roads with little traffic. In my experience though, they pave with cheese whiz, so it can be slow going. The Susquehanna Valley is also beautiful. Southern NJ is also quite nice but you’d have to drive over the river to get there. Pancake flat.

(former Philly resident)

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Do you prefer hills or flats? I-95 is kind of the dividing line. South is flat, North is hillier. For your wife’s sake I wouldn’t go too far. Commuting in Delaware…kinda sucks. Basically all of New Castle County is a giant suburb so getting around takes longer than it should even with little traffic.

There are lots of decent MTB trails with different sorts of terrain. Brandywine, Iron Hill, Fair Hill, White Clay Creek. I’ve heard there is some gravel around (more in the SE PA and NE MD area) but I moved away before gravel was a thing so haven’t experienced it myself.

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Hills for sure. I was actually looking at north of 95 because going north looked nicer.

I recently moved to Philly so we hit that general area on some of our longer rides.

The Brandywine area is super nice for riding, and same up into Kennett Square and Chadds Ford.

With the caveat that that’s on weekends so it could be different on week days but it’s pretty sparsely populated until you get to West Chester

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