Max Heart Rate Seated vs. Standing

So it’s pretty common knowledge that you have different max heart rates for different sports - running and skiing are higher than cycling, which is higher than swimming.

I’m assuming that running and skiing have a higher max possible heart rate because you are utilizing more muscle fibers in your arms and core.

Would this assumption apply to cycling max heart rate in the saddle vs. out of the saddle? I would assume that standing you should be able to achieve a higher max heart rate than seated because your arms and core are more involved than when you’re seated.

WRT polarized training - I find that my max heart rate efforts all come from out of the saddle efforts. Should I use a lower max heart rate to determine goal workout efforts if my assumption about different cycling modalities is true? I find that my ramp test max heart rate is MUCH lower than what I get from efforts on hilly group rides where I’m out of the saddle.

I’m curious to hear if those who have done heart rate max tests seated vs. standing and if there is a variance between the two.

I didn’t do any specific test, but I definitely see a difference between normal and aero position. My HR in aero, for the same power output, is usually 3-5 lower.

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Unless I’m mistaken - your max is your max.
Maybe you just more easily expose your max by doing activities involving more of the body.

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Ditto though I usually see an increase when I’m out of saddle (same power output as seated) and when I reach for my water bottle

Well, right. But usually hr zones are calculated off of a max for an activity. You can coax your hr up higher when you use more of your body.

To take an extreme example, no matter how hard you wiggle your finger you’ll never get your heartbeat nearly as fast as say, jumping up and down.

I find that yes, my heart rate maxes out at 175-179 or so seated biking, but out of the saddle grabbing the handles and pulling in a sprint style I can see about 185. What to do with that information? Dunno. The philosophy of this site is definitely power over heart rate. Seems to me that applies here. But if you’re going to use heart rate, probably easy efforts are seated so use the easy rate calculated off the seated max?