Max heart rate and consistent high levels

I know that this is not a substitute for a real doctor

Looking at today’s work out (and others done on TrainerRoad) I consistently run a high average and peak HR. I’m 38 so the calculation puts my theoretical hr at 182, my VO2 session tonight passed 200, I regularly pass 196 inside and outside. I’ve kept an eye on resting hr when I wake up and its normally around 57-60bpm.

Just how detrimental/broken is a high hr or large range? Or is it a good thing?

Not a substitute for a real doctor’s opinion but HR is a spectrum, some are high some are low. 220-age is not reliable at all. I tend towards the high and have been checked several times by cardiologists and they say it’s ok. At 52, here’s Lamarck, resting HR in the low 50s, normal blood pressure.


That theory should’ve been scrapped ages ago. I really don’t understand, why it even a thing.

You high max rate is not an a problem. As an anecdote, I am 44 and up until a couple of years ago, my max rate was 215. It has since then, settled down to 198. I know quite a few young guys (under 30), with Max HR of 165.

However, if you do have any concerns and frankly, everyone should do it, I’d see a cardiologist and ask the doctor to do an ultrasound as well as a stress test, to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues.


46 and have hit 208 on a ramp test recently, high heart rate isn’t an issue, spiking up and down during exercise is though, as long as its consistent I wouldn’t worry at all :slight_smile:

So since I think I’ve just got a big range in my hr, and have seen 200+ bpm more than once should my max hr be updated to what I’ve seen going balls to the wall (as it were)?