Matching workouts to CX race efforts

Looking at power/time intervals in a recent race, im wondering if the prescribed Vo2 workouts like Cloud Rest +3 and such are helping me prepare with alot of 30/30 @ 130% (410W), while my race efforts have mostly shorter/harder efforts. Is there a benefit to manually changing workouts to shorter 15/15s or just keep what ive got and expect its pulling the entire curve up?


replicating a race power chart is going to be difficult, as it obviously will be different at every race. One you might have a hard 30 seconds, where others youll see yourself pulling hard out of turns and back to reasonable power. Ive been doing 20/20 at around the same power for the last week or so. Racing this saturday so I suppose ill see what thats done for me? haha

Not sure how big a differnce 15/15 vs 30/30 would be assuming its the same total time in the end. Wonder if its been studied?

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Out of interest … did you produce that table manually from your own analysis of a ride file, or is it out of some software?

30/30 at 140-150% ftp and 3-4min repeats at ftp/20-min power with 1 min off is prob the best for CX. That’s what I do. It’s not going to replicate a race, but it’s going to get you fit to race. Use the actual races as training to build towards a key race.

its a chart i adapted from another user in WKO5

based on some other considerations, i did a custom workout last night that was halfway between Vo2 30/30s and tabatas. 15/15x6 @ 170% x 5. I like the FRC drain and seems to be repeatable so ill stick to this for a few weeks and see how it goes.

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Why do you want to match it to a workout? Is it for the PL credit? It’s been mentioned on the podcast quite a bit that we will be surprised, and probably even disappointed, with how little races/group rides/etc… have an effect on PLs once Workout Levels v2 is released…

If you want to bump your PLs up just choose a stretch workout that looks like you can do it for your next vo2 workout. I wouldn’t match any non-structured rides to a workout trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole.