Masters Plans and More Launched Today! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Use a MV Masters plan and simply ignore one of the scheduled Endurance workouts per week - no need to delete anything.

My guess is that at some point theyโ€™ll ditch the LV/MV/HV proxies and just let you choose the number of days, as a further evolutionary step away from the old static plan templates, where everyone was following the same plan, to dynamic personalised plans.


As they say, โ€œthatโ€™s not an issue, thatโ€™s an opportunityโ€. This being a cycling forum, I guess we all know that the perfect number of tablets to own is n+1, where n= the number of โ€ฆ etc. etc.

Update: The intensity button works just like it does on mobile in the newest production version of the desktop app!



Nice improvement! Thanks.

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Thanks a ton for the quick implementation :smiley:


Iโ€™ve run into an issue where plan builder wonโ€™t allow me to change the prescribed 1 hour workout to 30 minutes even though the block is set to 30 minutes on Tuesdays for the 1st half of the build block.

It wanted me to do a 1 hour breakthrough workout which I subbed with a Productive workout.

Probably worth an email to

I wonder if there is a lack of options for the duration you selected and your current Progression Level in that related training zone?

I actually emailed support yesterday and we deleted the plan and created a new one. Same issueโ€ฆthey were of the opinion the prescribed zones were the issue, but I was able to find other 4.7 rated VO2 max workouts that are 30 minutes, itโ€™s just that plan builder set workout wonโ€™t let me choose anything shorter than 1 hour (which I canโ€™t do since Tuesdays are an in office day for me).

I ended up manually adding a 2.4 rated VO2 max workout for today since my current progression level was 2.0. It was productive and I felt a better fit given my current fitness and time of the year. Iโ€™ve left the other workout on the calendar so Iโ€™m hoping that the plan will adapt correctly tomorrow when it finds I didnโ€™t do the prescribed 4.7.

My plan is to just keep adding harder progressions manually over the next few weeks if I still canโ€™t change it to 30 min during the first half of this block.

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Just heard news that the lag on intensity adjustment for long workouts might be fixed. I would love to check, but Iโ€™m at the beginning of a recovery period thatโ€™s starting today. I will for sure check on my next 90+ minute workout. Does anybody else have a long workout scheduled where they can check?

I canโ€™t get custom duration to work on masters general base 2. I see an option on iOS but canโ€™t actually change. On the website I see no option to change duration and still have portrait view of days and can just switch. Is custom duration only in plan builder?

Yes it is. Though I canโ€™t recall if TR said they would change this at some point for the others as well. I would expect they will though.

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There is dirty workaround: use plan builder to create some random plan and then substitute first block with your intended block and custom duration. Currently doing this myself with TBHV 3.

This is partial solution, though: canโ€™t substitute blocks between base, build and specialty phases. Or maybe can, if you backdate beginning of plan to some past date, so your phase block lands on intended date? Havenโ€™t tried this myself.

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I did the backdated plan builder suggestion. Have managed to build a plan that suits me way better. Threshold of an hour on Tuesday which if I want I switch to zrl and the long sat threshold becomes my sweet spot session. Zrl and threshold plus Ss and endurance in a week was too much

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Iโ€™m scheduling a Masters, LV Plan and, through trial and error have determined the best days of the week to workout. So far, so good. However, the plan defaults to Sweet Spot as my first workout of the week, with Threshold as my third workout. Iโ€™d prefer to reverse that sequence. I realize I can drag and drop manually within the calendar, but is there any way within plan builder to make that sequence change?

In plan builder, swap the โ€œhardโ€ workouts around in the weekly planner

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I actually re-did my plan as non-masters plan. I liked the two workouts a week, but Iโ€™m not sure the extra recovery weeks were needed for me n=1. Iโ€™ll go with the 2 midweek โ€œhardโ€ and then do the weekend โ€œhardโ€ if I donโ€™t get out for a club or gravel spin.

Donโ€™t the non-masters versions follow the same work/recovery ratio as well (3:1), or are you referring to moving away from general base altogether?

Correct, the Work to Recovery week ratio is still 3:1 for the Masters planโ€™s.

The โ€œextraโ€ recovery comes in the form of an Endurance day swapped in vs a harder one in the non-Masters plans.

Plan builder was giving me 2:1, rather than 3:1. Now I am aware that could be nuanced by the time available, but going non-masters itโ€™s gone 3:1. n=1

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Thatโ€™s strange, Iโ€™ve built several masters plans on my calendar, both as testing them out and as a final plan which Iโ€™m currently running. Iโ€™ve never encountered anything other than 3:1 for masters plans.

You have events on your calendar it might be trying to work around? If you are seeing 2:1, Iโ€™d probably reach out to support for an answer, maybe thatโ€™s a bug considering they clearly stated the masters plans would be 3:1 with the difference between them and non masters in the extra endurance day, as @mcneese.chad pointed outโ€ฆ