Massive drop in FTP after build phase

Have you compared your power on the trainer with the power meter in the same workout? For me the power pedals are consistently 13 w lower than the turbo.

I did a full base phase and a full build phase on TrainerRoad since I joined in October. I only failed 1 workout (Warren) and my FTP dropped from 280 to 270, then 260 and is 255 currently.
So I feel you, welcome to the club.

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I sometimes run them parallel, such as today. Results:
Tacx Flux (trainer)
Avg. power 249
NP 285

Favero powermeter (pedal)
Avg. power 245
NP 273

Similar to you a difference of -12W from the pedals.

Additional info: I did 9 workouts outside and 9 inside since I have the pedals. The ones inside went just fine, no early dropouts, no lowering of power settings. For instance Spruce Knob 2x30 min. SS without problems.