Mary Austin and the tale of the perfect workout

In the two and a bit years of cycling I’ve done I’ve experienced many landmarks in my fitness, from dying 7 miles into my first ride at a bus stop to conquering the local ‘climb’ without putting a foot down to rattling off 50 mile endurance rides like they were nothing.

Tonight, about halfway through Mary Austin -1, I realised I was experiencing another landmark. My legs found some kind of lactic acid balance where I pretty much couldn’t feel anything. I could hold power no problem and my heart rate was absolutely steady throughout.

Don’t know what more experienced cyclists would call what happened to me but it seemed like power, cadence, interval length, even nutrition all came together for this perfect training session!

2 years of trainerroad and its the first time I’ve felt like that during a workout. It felt special.


When this happens, its usually because you are went up a fitness level.
I have had that feeling while running wo, but sadly never on the bike!


A cycling buddy of mine calls such things Chainless Days. It’s like everything aligns and you feel like you could just go on and on.


I think @Amber would have something to say about this!
@Cowboyjon, when you approach your next workout, remember how you felt during this workout. I find that looking forward to a workout makes that session so much easier!


From the description sounds like threshold :slight_smile:

That this happened during Mary Austin says something.

Many lesser hard workouts may be uncomfortable, but I think most of us hold a particular dread of Mary “The Mangler” Austin. (At least, if I believe the comments I see in various threads.)

Hats off and keep riding.

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That’s kinda what I suspected.

Whatevers going on during that workout - whatever specific energy/muscle systems it’s targeting - maybe that’s exactly the type of cyclist I am?

Wish I knew more. Maybe with another couple years experience I’ll be able to look back at this thread and discern more.