Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Hey everyone!

This thread has been amazing information from me and I have been making my own drinks for over a year now with great success. I was always having GI issues and bonking, this has pretty much alleviated those problems!

I have been using the 2:1 ratio Gatorade and Carbo Gain as shown in the beginning of this thread. I am in need to order more Carbo Gain but it looks like there is a shortage on it.

Does anyone recommend anything else? I dont mind something better etc but im trying to stick with Amazon for simplicity.

I am in the US also, I notice this on amazon and not sure if its as good etc.

Thanks everyone!

I have used this in the past……used to be a lot cheaper. NOW Sports Nutrition, Dextrose Powder (Monosaccharide), Energy Production, 10-Pound: Health & Personal Care
But still appears to be cheaper than the one above.

I’m no lover of sweet tasting foods and drinks but I can stomach 80-90g of my own 2:1 malto-fructo mix per hour no problem. I always add a few drops of Bulk Powders’ flavour drops and usually (though not always) add some of their electrolyte mix, both of which make a noticeable difference to the taste.

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I dont mind sweet but this was sickly! I’ve found a pinch of Citric Acid in each bottle really takes the edge off that sickliness. I can enjoy 1:0.8 malt/fruc now with Citric Acid+Sodium Citrate.


New BF uses a 1:0.8 ratio as opposed to 2:1, citing improvement in GI tolerance. Is there anything to back this up? Is 2:1 still best? @Dr_Alex_Harrison

Shared this before, but sharing again in answer to your question. It’s actually the main reason I got on this forum because I was fuming with keyboard warrior level sport scientist rage about all the promotion of 2:1 all over the internet. LOL

1:1 Glucose:Fructose Ratio Works better than 2:1.

2:1 was never best. The whole world just thought so. The ratio was created by a couple prominent studies that became dogmatic. “Best” is variable, and probably lies in most cases between 2.0:1.0 and 0.9:1.0.

1:0.8 is great.



So in simple terms your saying something like 50grams of the Gatorade mix and 40 grams of maltodextrin is a better ratio to use?

I know this might seem like a dumb question but making sure I’m following you is all

Thank you!

I ended up ordering a 12lb bag of the carbo gain

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If Gatorade is 2:1 glucose:fructose, then adding maltodextrin to it is a bad idea.

If Gatorade is 1:1 glucose:fructose, then adding maltodextrin to it up to a 1:1 ratio of maltodextrin:Gatorade is as high as you should consider going for maltodextrin addition.

We have no way of knowing for sure the sugar composition of Gatorade. I suspect it’s closer to 1:1 based on some info out of Australia, but it’s pretty unreliable info by any standards (possible typos in the screenshot).

If you’re adding anything to Gatorade, it should probably be sugar rather than maltodextrin. Or a bit of both.

The goal shouldn’t be to move towards more glucose, but probably more towards a 1:1 ratio of glucose:fructose.

Matt Hanson told me he doesn’t use fructose until the run so it’s straight malto 500cal/hr on the bike.

Kinda blew my mind

Add that to the list of strong evidence that the ceiling for carb ingestion rates during submax exercise might be way higher than oft reported.


Ok…. I’m already doing the gator aid thing. I like the taste and it’s reasonably cheap. But have also done custom malt:fruc with a Nuun tablet.

For cheapness, and fun, and because everyone wants to be part of the drink thread… going all in.

I get the sugar part by weight per unit volume.

What is the g/ml for sodium citrate? Or other measure such as teaspoon and I’ll just weigh it out on my scale.

Am not pushing max carbs per bottle, but like being able to vary the mix depending on the ride. Most of my rides are 1-3 hours and using Alex’s table works well.

1 level Teaspoon of Anthony’s Premium Sodium Citrate is 5.5 grams on my cheap kitchen scale. That’s close to what the bag says a teaspoon should yield (5 grams).

1 tsp is roughly 1000mg from what I gather.

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I wrote this down a while ago, but I wanted to mimic the sodium per 100cal in tailwind.
19:1 ratio by powder weight it what I found for carbs and sodium citrate

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I will be trying to make my own Beta Fuel. I enjoy using it for races in 2+ hours, or ones that are exceptionally hard and fast (think criteriums or XCO). Will be doing the math on parts and expense. Will report once I try it in training..

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I’m getting down 150-200g of sugar in the first 2 hours of my 4ish hour Saturday rides and it’s a great way to be in good shape by the usual break at 1/2 way. But now I’m all crazy to get a continuous glucose monitor. Has anybody done that? How high does your blood glucose level get?


This question seems at least tangentially related to this thread.

I’ve been making my own drink mix with great success, but I want to separate my hydration and carb intake. I bought some little flask containers, and created a gel with my drink mix(w/ salt), water, and xantham gum. The consistency is very close to SiS. I put the gel in my flask, in my jersey, and my bottles are just water.

But… why did I thicken the gel? Why not just carry the carb mix in the flask? GU and SiS use xantham or pectin and have this gel like consistency. So I tried to do it too. Is there any reason behind the gel consistency other than mouth feel? Should I be able to get more carbs into the liquid if I use a gelling agent?

If you want to get a thicker solution add some fruit pectin or you are saying that will help with the viscosity. I would try and make a couple batches to get the consistency you’re shooting for before trying it on the road. I don’t think you’ll get more carbs in whatever volume you’re trying to achieve. You’ll be adding some type of thickener to this liquid which will actually take away from the volume. Being that it’s most likely a powder of some sort.
I don’t know what type of flask you’re using but I use these reusable baby food flasks. They are super easy to fill and clean out, find them on Amazon or some supermarkets will have them.
If you’re using simple sugar or some other lower cost sugar like maple syrup or honey. Always try the recipe and write everything down you used. Down to the gram not ounce.

Could someone more knowledgeable look at the report fructose in the diet and comment how the conclusions apply to endurance athletes using fructose mix drink while exercising? I was going to contact the leading author but then again it might be best to leave him working :slight_smile:

From what I gather the small intestine adapts to higher fructose use by having more GLUT5. If the fructose consumption still exceeds the GLUT5 capacity the fructose might spill straight into the blood stream or move in to the colon where the effect there is described in the article. Should I be worried when using fructose mix on the bike?

No. Well, maybe and stability of the solution. Not sure there. If you’re making the gel/solution within 24-hrs of using, I wouldn’t add anything but the sugar, sodium, & sufficient water to get it dissolved.

If anything, the xantham gum will make it marginally less optimal. Likely negligible consideration either way.