Major Parenting success

I know this is kind of a random post that isn’t really necessary on this board but this was great a moment ago and I wanted to share it.

After some hard workouts and during some outside workouts (the wife and the kid sometime come along on an e-bike setup) I complain about Chad being mean. Some expletives might be yelled during some race winners or other painful stuff.

Today I was wearing my disaster day 2019 t-shirt and my almost 3 year old point to it and said: “was Chad mean again? Did it hurt?” Couldn’t be more proud… now I have to teach him to tell me to htfu :-P…


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My 3-year old daughter will watch me run Zwift in parallel with TR workouts. She likes to talk to me, and I’m usually only responsive during rest intervals or Pettit. She recently came in mid-workout rest interval during a massive Zwift event and asked, “Daddy, are those all your friends?” I said, “Yes, sweetheart.” She said, I kid you not, “Why are they all passing you?”

I threw her out of the room.