Maintain/improve form and FTP until August peak events

I have my prio A events in mid+late August, (TT National Masters Champs and TT World Masters Champs) Had a bad beginning of the year but after a training camp in late march it’s all come together quite well and I’m seeing good numbers on FTP and starting to hit close to what I would normally peak.

Haven’t started doing any speciality training yet, so almost only sweet spot and threshold. Very limited Vo2 work or anearobic, which also shows on my capacity. So training plan wise I have not done what should bring me to peak form yet. (but as said, FTP is closing in on what historically would be peak FTP levels)

Questions is what to do to push the major peak form till august?

  • Continue on set plan and build toward the peak and hope that it keeps improving (beyond it’s normal peak level)?
  • Try to find a way to stall and hold the form and try to maintain this level? (how to?)
  • Push on, get a earlier peak and rebuild for August.


Did anyone ever answer this? I have this same question…
There’s all this about “peak” but I want to perform well all spring and summer long! :slight_smile:

Not common wisdom but worth a listen if you’re interested in “peaking” and what it really means.

Is Peaking a Myth

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This should help:

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