Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) - Any experiences?

This is a treatment supposedly to ‘stimulate cell growth’ in conditions such as arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions including sports injuries.
My interest is due to experiencing some knee pain when cycling. I stopped running several years ago due to knee pain. I’m 62 so expect some wear and tear so anything to keep me going on the bike is of interest.
I haven’t found much info online and I confess to being sceptical but I’m open minded and would be interested to hear of any experiences people here may have had. Thanks.

I guess its the same theory as magnetic bracelets and from a quick google it looks like its inconclusive at best and a flat no from others but I think Chad said on one of the podcast (probably for a different thing) something like, ‘‘don’t dismiss the placebo effect’’

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I read an article which differentiated MBST from static magnetic field treatments (such as bracelets?), but it was in support of the treatment so I guess it would say that!
I haven’t seen anything such as pre and post treatment scans to evidence tissue growth (e.g. cartilage) hence my scepticism.

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thats a brand name for MultiBioSignalTherapy the generic name is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy. As to working, shrug

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