Halo for cycling?


Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this Halo Neuroscience technology and its utility in endurance training? Hard to separate the marketing from the science.

I think my Great Aunt wears one of these from the Sharper Image catalog while playing Sudoku.

I would need to see some pretty compelling peer reviewed science behind this before trying it out. I can almost see Chad shaking his head at these things :).


This is very far from peer reviewed research, but Andrew Talansky is also very far from your Great Aunt playing Soduko :slight_smile:



The general domain of a neurological “hack” for performance is appealing. I suppose the concepts of visualization and mindfulness attempt to get at this. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily want to dismiss this technology out of hand just based on the fact that the company is making a buck (or three) off of it; the problem is the metrics of performance improvement seems hard to gauge over time. The ranges of FTP improvement over 6 weeks of use appear to be 2.5-7%. Hard to tell if this improvement is different from just training alone, given the lack of placebo control. I haven’t seen analogous metrics reported for mindfulness/visualization/meditation.

I’m sorry, but I smell something unpleasant…


My wife just said that about my HR strap.