Lubrication on derailleurs

I’ve been waxing my chain by immersing it in wax for some time now. I like the fact that it’s clean when the bike is indoors, despite the ‘wax dandruff’ when I use a freshly waxed chain indoors.
What’s the best stuff for to me use on the derailleurs (and maybe brake pivots)? Should I use grease, which I think some people recommend, or can I use a drip wax like Squirt - I like the idea of attracting as little dust and dirt as possible and keeping things clean. Would another dry lubricant be better suited to the task?

The only parts of a derailleur that needs lubed are the pivots on the parallelogram, even then they come factory lubricated and are unlikely to need any additional unless you notice stiffness in the mechanism. I use a light mineral oil that will wick into the pivots and wipe off any excess with a rag to avoid it attracting dirt.


I use a silicone spray on the pivot points on both deraileurs and rim brake calipers. Be careful not to get any on the braking surface though. Doesn’t attract durt and keeps everything running nice and smooth.

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Triflo on the pivots once a year or so.


Thanks to you all for your feedback. My derailleurs were looking really grubby so I wanted to give them a good clean. I decided to go with silicon spray as it is easy to get hold of where I am. Triflo sounds great but it seems to be difficult to get hold of in Europe. I’m not going to putting lub on the pivots very often, but after more than 2 years worth of grime on them both derailleurs are working more smoothly now that I relubed the pivot points. Thanks again for your answers.