LTHR and training intensity on SSB/threshold workouts

Let’s assume you know what your lactate threshold heart rate is. During a steady-state threshold or SSB workout (i.e. 5 x 10 at 95-100% of your FTP, such as Kaweah), should you or when do you start nearing and exceeding your LTHR?

The Always Answer: it depends.

Cooling, hydration, sleep, exogenous stress, coffee, diet, et al.

Couple weeks ago I did 6x15 @ 90% and I never reached my LTHR (maxed @ 95%).

Doing it at 95% FTP would get me to LTHR by probably the 3rd-4th interval…?

Experiment, see what you find.

That’s what happened for me. I hit my LTHR by ¾ of the way through the 3rd interval, which was at 100% FTP. The last 2 intervals, I would hit LTHR also by ¾ the way through even though those efforts were 95% FTP (I dialed the intensity down to 97%). Overall, the workout wasn’t strenuous for me, other than getting through the 10 minutes.

Just wanted to make sure I’m keeping myself at a good workout intensity, at least what’s expected for SSB.