Low blood pressure after exercise

After seeing a a rider crash for no apparent reason after a short time trial; the group discussion turned to possible causes. There have been several incidents (one fatal) in our race region of individuals suffering from cardiac events after finishing a race. Some of this maybe genetic or age related.

I did some basic research and the scientific term is “Post Exercise Hypotension (PEH)”. Have not heard this discussed on the podcast before. Seems like a good topic for a Chad deep dive, and hopefully the insights might save a life.

Love to hear your team explain things. Always like the way you can put things into perspective.


Yeah, I totally had PEH and worked with my doc to reduce my BP meds. I’d drop to 80/something and would take something like 5 hours to get back to 120/something.

Would be a great topic!

I had quite low blood pressure post exercise following a crash (that was unavoidable, car turned left in front of me and I slammed into the side of it, was going 22-24 mph or so). It happened at the end of a 4 hour ish ride.

Paramedic said my BP was 70/50. Though he also said my femur was broken, my bike was totaled, and (to the ER staff) that I was a professional cyclist; none of which was true. I was bleeding internally in my leg though. Once it was settled where I was going and such I just wanted to go to sleep - though the paramedic kept threatening to intubate me if I did so I stayed awake.

iirc Andy Potts had alarmingly low bp after a crash in a race some time ago.

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There’s a fairly comprehensive explanation of PEH in edition 267 of the podcast (was listening to it yesterday).