Loss of Resolution for Elevation Data on Strava's Route Planner

Anyone else noticing a loss of fine details for elevation on Strava’s route planner? This weekend I built a route for my Elemnt and the elevation data seemed to vaguely gesture at the profile at best.

It could be that I am riding in BFE Kentucky, but I remembered having better data before. I checked an older route that uses the same roads, and sure enough, it is much better.

For comparison, mile 30 to the end of the first image is the same roads as about mile 27-65 on the second image.

I have noticed this in other areas, mainly the less traveled back roads. Out of curiosity, I wondered what happened. Has strava lost some rights to the map data? Live segments in the affected area still have good data, but they might be based on the altimetry of the segment creator.

Pragmatically, is there another service that will import profile data into the Wahoo that you all would recommend? I really like viewing it while I ride.

Does it really mess up the profile on your wahoo when you import a course. On my garmin, I create routes on strava, export them as gpx files which contain the breadcrums of the course. Then when garmin loads the course, it redraws it based on it’s maps and creates its own profile. I’d assume wahoo would do same, but I don’t have one.

Yeah, it just shows a linear or blocky profile. I think the elemnt and bolt only have a basemap, no elevation data or road names. Those are brought in with the uploaded route is my understanding.

The elemnt supports turn by turn navigation from Map My Ride, but since I have been satisfied with just a breadcrumb trail I never bothered to use a separate service. Maybe someone can report on their experience with MMR and Wahoo units.

I live in BFE NY and see this with Strava, and recently with RideWithGPS and my Wahoo.

It doesn’t always show on the map profile, but out on the road the page on my Bolt with the upcoming climb will be way off on gradient. Sometimes a vertical wall and then flat, or basically stair steps… definitely not accurate but the elevation is correct.

I’m assuming they just don’t have great data on the inch by inch gradients on some of the more isolated rarely used roads. Usually in NY and PA I see it on dirt farm/forest service roads.