Losing fitness, How Cadence Affects Fatigue, Nutrition Hacks & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 201

@Nate_Pearson mentioned 1000mg tablets are what he purchased. The following from the published study:

“Participants ingested two capsules of PE (composition per capsule: 375 mg of POMANOX®P30 with 30% punicalagins; total amount of punicalagins α + β per capsule: 112.5 mg) per day, immediately after breakfast; that is, a total dose of 225 mg punicalagins/day, for 15 days of treatment per study arm (or PLA (placebo): 15 days/15 days of experimental product), with 14 days of washout between them.”

The Bluebonnet pomegranate extract lists the punicalagins on it’s label (160 mg).

Wish I had held on to my pomegranate futures a little longer :frowning:


Absolutely and all through my race season that lasts from the end of April through the end of September. Specific structured training is needed through the season or fitness will slowly diminish or plateau at best. This is a mistake many make, gain lots of fitness over winter only to watch it slip away over summer as rides lose structure. To continue to build fitness some trainer work (intervals) are needed. If you want to go outside as much as possible, I’d switch to at least a low volume plan and do the intervals and more complex (specific power targets) workouts on the trainer, then substitute everything else outdoors if you want to.

For me, I continue with mid volume through the summer and adjust as needed to get in my outdoor rides. I try to always keep my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday rides on the trainer. Sometimes I’ll also do all of the week on the trainer and weekend rides outdoors, but then try to mimic the demand of the workouts on the trail.


Does anyone have a link to the pee strips Chad mentioned in this weeks episode?

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I found the discussion on bike weight at the beginning personally relevant. My road bike is 7 years old and I am overdue an upgrade. I have been looking at Specialized Tarmac vs. Venge specifically. The geometry is virtually the same except the Tarmac has slightly taller stack. I had all but decided on the Tarmac. That decision has basically been reversed.

+1 I was looking for the link too !

I don’t race myself, but I have signed up for the General Build Plan in preparation for a climbing gran fondo.

I did my first big outdoor ride of 2019 yesterday. Did 32 miles in about 2 hrs 9 minutes, and both bike and butt weren’t feeling so great. I think I’ll need to do some core work and also get a bike fit.

Based on a previous post, I believe they are these ones: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XIKQCJC/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?tag=trainerroad-20

Great, thank you!

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But not only that, how do you use the information gleaned from the pee strips?

Why don’t you go for a rim brake Tarmac as a climbing bike? It would be significantly lighter than your disc Venge.

Supposedly it’s a 1lbs lighter. But I’m never going back to rim brakes, especially on a climbing bike.

I just love disc brakes while descending. Plus I can swap wheels between bikes.


For the hot dog crits it might be cool to check out this video, which the manhatten grand prix

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Any chance we can get a link (or links) to the studies on power output, cadence and rider position that were mentioned in relation to the cadence question, @chad?

They sound very interesting and I’d love to read through them.

What happened to last weeks show? I thought we were getting a few from sea otter?

We have a ton of content coming at you from Sea Otter! While they were down there, they weren’t able to find the time to edit and upload anything. Jonathan said one would be uploaded today and you will see more coming out soon.

They were only able to get audio recording so there will be no video for these episodes.


On a recent podcast you guys chatted about allergies and training. Basically recommending against histamines I think? Anyone know where/which episode that was?

Search is a powerful thing.

Just watched part of this again. For Coach Chad it’s pronounced sin-sish-ium. I wonder if you can identify the domain of each muscle fiber nucleus at the electron microscope level. As far as a quick return to fitness after taking some time off, I think age can offset any gains. I stopped pretty much from age 56 to 64. I still have a ways to go to get back to where I was if I ever will.