Lose of Leg Muscle Pump as Aerobic Training Volume and Fitness increases

Is it just from lack of fueling as I try to shed winter weight each year or is it an aerobic fitness adaption? It does seem to track with improved aerobic fitness for myself. But might also line up with loss of anaerobic power. This is a pattern for myself coming back off 3 months off the bike. 2 to 3 months in while increasing FTP it pretty much goes away to only return in the more untrained legs. It doesnt seem to come back with carb loading either as long as the volume is still high in training. Is it because of stopped strength training and lost Nueral drive? Hope this makes sense. Trying to overthink recovery this year. This has always been interesting. I have seen this in myself many years. Would be interested in others takes on the subject. I probably missed a deep dive on this somewhere. Probably been covered somewhere

Happy cycling everyone!