Look Pedals - not for trainers or indoor riding?

I recently picked up a Stages SB20 during their recent sale and needed some KEO compatible cleats (I ride Assioma outdoors). I put around two hours on a set of Look Classic Plus 3 pedals, when they started clicking and sounding like the bearings were coming apart(90-215W). Returned the defective pair for another and after an hour or so they started clicking as well. Sent this info in to Look for answers and according to them:
“our pedals are technically not designed to be ridden on a indoor/stationary bike, which is likely the cause of the issue you are experiencing.”
anyone have a favorite set of KEO compatible pedals that doesn’t fall apart after a few hours?

Same pedal bodies as your Assioma:


I’ve used Look Keo pedals (classic model or sprint model) on an indoor trainer for about 15 years. Never had this issue at all. I also use assioma outdoors.

Are you torquing them to spec when installing them?

Also, try them outside on a quick spin and see if they click and then install them inside to se if the click remains or goes away? But I’ve never head this “can’t use inside” info ever

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Perfect! Thank you so much!!

If I could upload video I would. Its just in the pedal, clicks in my hand off the bike.

I do agree with the above that it makes no sense why look pedals would have an issue

I’ve used look key blades with no issues for years. both on the turbo and off

This seems to be the technicality they are standing on…note they don’t say a “trainer”, just an indoor / stationary bike.

Now, I have no idea what could be so unique about an SB20 / KICKR Bike that they would have such a statement, but it could help explain why others in this thread have used their pedlas indoors (on a trainer) vs. on a bike.

My gut says they are really talking about a typical spin bike with fixie setup to a heavy flywheel. That is notably different from most trainer setups from the freewheel vs fixie setup. If so, I wonder what they’d say about someone one a real fixie, since the forces will be similar if not worse in real practice?

In comparison between trainers and smart bikes that do freewheel, maybe they think the larger flywheel (vs trainers) is the issue.

Either way, it sounds like a line of BS to me, without more clarification about what exactly they mean.

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Great point.


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Definitely appreciate all the input. Their responses have me scratching my head like I’m missing something. I’ve put thousands of miles on other pedals and never had any sort of issues, indoor and outdoor riding.
Honestly I’m just a bit irritated that they don’t care to look into the issue, bad batch/counterfeit or something…

I seem to remember something in the directions for my Concept2 bike-erg that mentioned only using pedals which have been made for exercise bikes. It ships with these huge cast-iron pedals that look like they would support a sumo wrestler.

Most bike gear seems to be for people who weigh 100KG or less, and I suppose gym equipment needs to support a lot more weight than that.

I’ve used Keos inside and outside on my track bike. On the track, road, and trainer, Never an issue. Sounds like BS to to me.

Been riding Looks of all variations for two decades with no issues like OP.

I also went and looked at the literature for the Look Classic 3s. Nowhere in their literature does it mention not using them indoors or on a stationary bike. Says you can’t use them for “jumping” but I’ve even done that with no ill effect. :rofl:

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They’re just making excuses. Every Look pedal I have owned has been noisy on my outdoor bike too. The Keo Classic was the worst, but I had the more expensive ones, Max Carbon or something like that, and they clicked too.

Wear headphones!

But seriously, I have an SB20 and use Look Keos with no issues whatsoever.