Longer rest after training block?

I’m coming off a three month training block that was quite intense, with 3 hard 90 minute structured rides per week, following a 3 weeks on, 1 week off schedule, without missing training sessions. The plan has me take two weeks off now. Is it generally recommended to take a longer break after an intense three months? I’m asking because taking two weeks off seems long to me.

what does “off” mean? no riding or no intensity?

It means that I can ride, recovery rides, but not train.

Are you going into an ‘off season’ of sorts or are you going into another block of training and maybe racing? I usually only hear of 2 weeks off like that when its at the end of a long, multi-month time of training and racing. So the 2 weeks is almost more for a mental reset as it is for you body.

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Have you ever taken two weeks off before, intentionally? What are you afraid will happen? I struggle because I have this very foolish fear that I will lose my fitness, but my biggest gains came after breaking my pelvis. (NOTE: This is not to suggest that pelvic breakage is a good training strategy)

Remember, for many of us, recovering properly is harder than training hard.


@mwglow15: I came from 2x12 weeks of training, and after the break I’ll be going into another training block that will lead to a century. I’m guessing it may be more for a mental reset.

@BriscoCounty Ive never taken two weeks off before. I’m used to strength training, which doesn’t require extended breaks (nor shorter breaks every three weeks). So yes, I basically find it hard to imagine that after all the work I put in, two weeks of recovery will be beneficial instead of detrimental. I’m relatively new to the bike, and haven’t ‘experienced’ the benefits of a two weeks break yet, :slight_smile:

I disagree about strength training. If you are coached or doing a high level program, they are all periodized… usually 2-3 weeks on, 1 week deload.

My coach (lifting and cycling, separate people) use 3 on, 1 deload. It’s not “off”, but it’s dialing back the intensity A LOT. I always come back stronger.

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@hoffman900 There are different schools of thought on rest in relation to strength training (as in body building, not powerlifting). It’s true that many coaches like a structured approach with pre-set rest periods. Others (e.g. Henselmans) are strong proponents of adaptive rest based on performance. This too works very well in high level programs, :slight_smile:

Ah, I can’t comment on body building. My experience with strength and conditioning is for training in sports (wrestling / grappling, cycling, etc)

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