Long ride triggering post-workout surveys

I’m newer to cycling and come more from a running background where I typically do one long run a week. The long run, for me, is often classified as a hard workout regardless of pace due to the duration being the stimulus so I applied that logic to cycling as well.

Recently, I have been getting a post-work out struggle survey after completing my long rides and I marked them as “hard” as they did feel hard to me since the duration or intensity is a new stimulus to me.

For example, I have been trying to build up my volume progressively increasing my long rides by 30minutes a week and have recently started to stretch these out to 4hrs+ sessions. Mar 2 I completed Proteus and marked it has “hard” which to me it was since it 4.5hrs and I felt it was a “hard” session. This triggered a struggle survey. I completed Sunflower March 23 which was 5hrs and that too was “hard” because of the duration. And yesterday I completed Big Mountain which was also “hard” to me since the intensity factor was much higher than my other rides. Could I have done another interval? Yes. Two? Given they’re 30-50minutes each interval I am unsure.

For these long rides, it would seem normal to me that these should be marked as hard sessions either cause the duration is such a new stimulus or the intensity+duration is hard (I try to do a productive workout if I am not feeling fatigued). It just seems odd to me that unless I mark all my long rides as moderate, I keep getting a struggle survey. Is this normal? Should I just keep pushing along? I feel like I am continuing to progress well, but given I have had 3 surveys I just wanted to check if I am on the wrong path.


It’s fine, for some reason TR ai thinks z2 can never be Hard. Just choose “I didn’t struggle” on the survey and continue. Your definition of Hard may be a bit different though. I don’t think I’ve ever marketed z2 as Hard, more just fatiguing at long durations. Semantics maybe, but Hard to me is Vo2 type efforts.

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It sounds like you may not have seen TR’s explanation of the survey responses. I really key in on the last part of each explanation where it talks about your capacity to have done additional work. It’s a little hard to translate the additional work component to z2 workouts, since they don’t have intervals per se. But maybe think about it as your ability to do an additional 15-20% longer duration for long z2 rides.

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