Lombardia 2020 (spoilers)

Loved being able to watch the Dauphine and then swap over to see the last 50k of Lombardia. Very, very small upside to 2020, I guess. :man_shrugging:

Van Der Poel is just not the same rider he was last year…was one of the favorites and dropped already. But this is probably the hottest Lombardia on record due to the change in schedule.

Gotta think this is Evenepoel’s race to lose at this point.

Holy sh!t.


holy shit


Oh Jesus…he hit a wall on a bridge during descent and flipped over it. Looked like a LONG drop.

Holy schitt…hoping he is OK.

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Pics don’t look great, but definitely could have been worse.

Well he was gonna get brought out of there on a stretcher, almost regardless of what his condition was.

Fingers crossed it was all precautionary.

Showing scenes now from him on the ground earlier…looks like it was ~10m drop. Kinda rocky where he landed. Looked like he was moving his left arm as they attended to him. He was in a semi-fetal position. Didn’t see him moving his legs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Reports now that he was conscious and lucid. Reports seemed cautiously optimistic.


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On a lighter note (which I think we can adopt now we know the worst hasn’t happened), one of the chalk-artists on the roadside in Como has been listening to one of Chad’s podcast deep dives…



WTF is going on?!?!!?

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Really didn’t expect Fuglsang to ride away like that on the final climb. Thought Bennett would have been comfortable at least holding the wheel. Though even if Bennett had led into the descent seemed like Fuglsang would have caught him.

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I’ve ridden that descent from the top of the Muro, it’s very unnerving at speed.

And the geriatric lady on course in the BMW!? WTF!


They must all go to the same driving school.

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Reports that Evenepoel suffered NO broken bones. :flushed:

Hopeful these reports are accurate!

For those who have not seen the crash…

Update from the team on Evenepoel: https://twitter.com/deceuninck_qst/status/1294695334321500161

Broken pelvis and a lung contusion. Season is over for him. Incredible that the injuries aren’t more severe. All the best to him on recovery.


The miracle of having a barely 20-year old body. :muscle:

Even though he’s done, he’s already won more in 2020 than most pros do in a lifetime.


Yeah, was just about to post the update.

Thank god he is alive…


Are the pro teams running the new Roval Rapide wheels that are tubes only? I assume not, but it does look like teams running Specialized are having all sorts of trouble. Alaphilippe had 6 flats in Strade Bianchi (obviously a flat-happy race). Multiple riders from Bora-Hansgrohe today out with crashes. The way Remco went down made it look like he was trying to safely manage a flat in that turn.

Just wondering, still struck but the odd-ness of those wheels.

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Blimey that’s a pretty serious off - he’s super lucky to have only suffered the injuries he did - albeit they are bad enough in their own right.

Hope he recovers well - what an awesome young talent :crossed_fingers: