Froome out of TdF

Chris Froome crashed on a recon ride of the ITT at the Criterium du Dauphine and has fractured his femur

(No reports that Geraint Thomas is secretly happy)

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Ouch, that sounds seriously painful :grimacing:

Not a Froome fan per se, but that’s awful news for racing in general. Same as we saw many of the main contenders at the Giro unable to compete now we’re starting to see the same for the Tour.

Awful luck, never want people to be unable to compete due to injury

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Gutted for him. Isnt this the 2nd time he’s crashed in a TT recon?

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Sooo disappointed. Was going to be a massively interesting Tour with him in it. So many contexts lost now over this. Tour will still be good and I’ll tune in for some of it, but it was the Froome for 5 and Froome v Thomas angles that I was getting hyped about personally.


Terrible news. I was looking forward to Froome v Thomas.

Get well soon Chris.


It’s a shame he dropped out, maybe we can get a Thomas v Poels battle in team Ineos instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last year at the Giro?

On a human level, obviously this is very sad for Froome. From a bike racing perspective, I can’t decide if I think this makes the tour more or less interesting. The Froome vs. Thomas storyline would have been interesting, but for anyone tired of seeing sky/ineos strangle the racing to death, maybe this’ll open things up?

I doubt it. I think the team will ride exactly the same, just for a different leader. And a leader who’s already proven he can win the tour

Could have been, I don’t remember which race. But definitely feels like deja vu

Correct, it was during the prologue TT recon in Jerusalem at the start of last years Giro.

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I’m sure ineos will ride the same, but hopefully subtracting froome and adding whoever replaces him means they’ll be a weaker team and have one less rider in the decisive moments.

Yip. Recon of the Stage 1 TT in Jerusalem.


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Apparently while talking to french television Brailsford stated that Froome is currently unable to speak and is going to be air lifted to the nearest hospital…sounds pretty serious. I’m not much of a fan of Sky/Ineos but I hate to see any rider injured. My thoughts go out to him and his family.

That doesn’t sound good at all

Christ, didn’t realise it was that serious. Really hope it’s not as bad as it sounds.

I’m gutted for him. From the little I understand, if the femur is broken at the femoral head, it could be career ending. Fingers crossed for the chap.

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More than career ending, disabling in general life. I can no longer run and walking is usually painful. Ok on the bike though for some reason.

He could easily be heading for a hip replacement, or worse.

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