Logging on while off line

You are supposed to be able to use trainer road off line but whenever I try to log on while off line it gets to the spot where it says lets make you faster and thats it. It wont log in. If i turn wifi back on it logs in straight away. turn it back off no go. Laptop running windows 10. what am I doing wrong.

Probably nothing - you’ll need to be online to log in, but once you have the workout loaded and ready to go, you can disconnect and be offline.

If that’s the case it is useless for me. I paid for it to be able to use it while away without internet for weeks at a time. If you have internet to start it why would you then disconnect and why advertise that it can be used with only connecting once a month.

Email support@trainerroad.com, they’ll sort you out I’m sure. If that’s what’s advertised then it’s possible.

You can definitely log in without a connection, I’ve done it before for warm-ups at races etc. on an old phone i have specifically for that with no sim card.

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On Android, I’ve found that if your Internet connection is poor, it will fail to connect and when you reconnect it will want you to log in again. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. But if you’re already logged in and your internet connection is off entirely, it brings you right to the workout screen. Might not work in the Windows app, definitely would be good to email support. Since it has to connect once a month if you have a monthly plan, the only practical way to do this for weeks at a time would be a yearly plan.

If you have intermittent access to Internet (e.g. you don’t have it where the trainer is but you can get it in a nearby town), you can just check in occasionally when you have it. If you’re completely off the grid for weeks on end you probably want another app at least as a backup. There are Android/IOS offline apps but I haven’t tried any of them, I don’t know about Windows.

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I"ve struggled with this as well since moving to the woods two years ago. We have spotty satellite internet, with frequent down times. In addition to this, my “pain cave” is several hundred feet from the house. This requires me to open the Trainerroad app on my laptop while in my house, then walk up and hop on the trainer. This works most of the time… But frequently since Trainerroad is launched out of range from my Bluetooth and +ant devices, they fail to get recognized. Re-starting Trainerroad will usually allow them to be paired, but then requests me to login once again… so I walk awkwardly down the snowy hill in my cleats… I’ve tried simply leaving the app up and running day to day, but again, then the devices don’t get paired automatically, and often my calendar doesn’t sync without a re-start.
I understand the reasoning for requiring a login at each use, as it prevents someone from using the app for years while no longer being an active subscriber, but I do wish there was a work around.

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Sorry about the trouble.
Best protocol for any problem is always to check in with the support team.
They have the best visibility to the full scope of your devices and settings, and can provide the best assistance.

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
Have a question about the app, your training plan, or device? Reach out to support@trainerroad.com instead of posting here. Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your devices, workouts and adaptations, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

Well it seems that it is only possible to log on offline with the android app on my phone and not with windows on my laptop. i will just have to work with the little screen but at least I will be able to get my workout done.

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