Lightest MTB hoops?

I ran into a snag building a wheel set. The plan was to lace DT180 hubs to a pair of Kovee XXX 28h hoops with Berd spokes. However, Kovee XXX doesn’t offer a 28h rim. Kovee’s weight is about 300 grams. This goal was to be around 1200 grams total.

Any recommendations for a 28h, 25-30mm internal width, carbon rim?

Not sure if you’re interested in Chinese options but I’ve been on BTLOS i25A Extralight XC laced to DT240S with cxrays & brass nips this year. I’m 5’5” & about 145lbs not terribly hard on equipment. The rims/wheels have been great for me. They’re true as the day I got them & I’ve got about 1500 miles on them. I’ve bottomed out the rear on hidden rocks a couple of times but not too bad. Rims claimed weight is 310 +/-15 & my wheelset is around 1303. I didn’t bother to weigh them, they’re lighter than anything I’ve ridden up til now.

Here are a few worth considering. I tend to avoid the true weight weenie stuff. I have around 3,400 miles on a set of Kappius xcw rims on my rigid SS, and have been extremely happy with them.

I haven’t considered a Chinese option. I’ve heard some horror story’s! I was in a pace line doing about 27mph. The dude in front of me was on Cervelo S5 with Chinese carbon bars. He hit a pot hole and the handle bars snapped sending him OTB! I’ve been a skeptic ever since.

I have a friend who rides the same rims you mentioned and has never had a problem. I might consider them.

All great options, some I hadn’t considered. The Berds may be the way to go.

Light bicycle flyweight are the lightest I’ve seen.

Stan’s podiums are 1215g I believe in their stock build. Not sure what the hoops weigh

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I’m on 26.5mm nextie rims for 1,5 years without any issues, 390 grams, but not the most expensive version.

They have a extra light 30 mm internal version that weighs 360, but not sure how light 30mm can get… I guess you have to choose 25mm if you want the lightest possible. I don’t see an extra light option smaller then 30mm at this moment

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I have a set of Light Bicycle flyweight XC rims built by them on DT240s which weigh in at 1215g without rotors (complete pair of wheels). They sell rims too.
I’ve used them for trails and XC racing for 3 years and hit rocks, roots, holes etc and they’re still perfect (a few scuffs but only cosmetic). I’ve ridden them on my Fuel EX when I weighed 92kg and now on my Procaliber and I weigh 82kg. My next wheelset will almost certainly be from LB, just the newer, slightly wider version.