Extralite Berd XC Wheels

I’ve been looking for the “best” xc race wheelset. Considering that best is subjective but weighing together all the usual wheel criteria. The Extralite CarboCamber with Berd seems like a step apart on weight and from what I’ve read Berd spokes seem pretty good.

Extralite CarboCamber 3 or 330 with Berd
3 is 27mm internal width
330 is 30mm internal width
€2434, around $2600 at current exchange rate
990g, Extralite guarantees this weight to ±20g

Roval Control SL
29mm internal width
1240g claimed - I haven’t found an actual measured weight

Many other options in the 1100-1300g range. I’ve been comparing overall wheel weight including tire, sealant, cassette, not sure that 200-300g on the wheelset makes much difference, less than 10% overall weight difference for sure. I’m not concerned about carrying weight up hills but rather interested in nimble handling and acceleration in fast technical single-track.

Looking for any advice or experience people have had with these or similar XC wheelsets, especially on the ride feel, durability, whatever else that is harder to quantify.

The only advice I can give is we have been using Berd spokes for some time on fat bikes in my area and they have held up just fine. The only “issue” with them is if you get the black spokes they dye them and that dye does break/wear off turning back to white. So my mates bike has black spokes and half of the spokes are half white and half black.

My point is, go white spokes with them IMO.

Both wheelsets look great.

Interesting on the color change. I had planned to get black since I figured the white would quickly look dirty. I suppose they wash off ok and maybe stuff has a hard time sticking to them.

Thanks, that’s a good tip.

That was our thought at first also, all but one of us went white and the white holds up better from a aesthetic standpoint.

They are not as vivid for-say but fairly easy to clean and still looks great.

I got the Roval Control SL wheelset on sale earlier this year and it’s FANTASTIC. But also tempted by the Berd’s for my new gravel build.

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