LifeLine TT02 Fluid Trainer + Low Resistance

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with the LifeLine TT02 Fluid Trainer? I need advice on the set up, or potentially I have a faulty device. I use a road bike on the trainer, same bike that I ride on the road.

Essentially, I find there isn’t enough resistance. I can spin out on my maximum gear, something I could never do on the road. I can get to the big ring and smallest cog, up to 120+ rpm cadence. To get any kind of workout I’m having to work in the higher end of all available gears.

In terms of trainer set up, I am tightening the roller until it touches the tyre, then tightening further from there. I’ve been experimenting with different levels of tension against the tyre to see if that impacts performance. I started with just a quarter turn more and worked up from there. So far I’m applying up to 2 more full turns to the screw that applies roller tension to the wheel. I can’t make it any tighter by hand. I’m confident the tyre isn’t slipping which makes me wonder if the trainer is faulty.

Has anyone encountered similar issues using the LifeLine Fluid Trainer?

Thanks in advance

Do you have a power meter? What is your gearing?

You should be getting something like 400 watts of resistance at 40 km/h.

No power meter unfortunately. I have Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors. This trainer isn’t supported by TrainerRoad so I use the CycleOps Fluid Trainer power curve instead for repeatable training, understanding that it won’t match to power in real life.

I did Taylor -3 yesterday. Speed in the intervals was in the 45km/h to 47km/h range. Power (using the CycleOps power curve) was in the mid 400’s for each interval. Peaked at 508 watts and 47km/h in the first interval when I was still dialling in the right gears to use for the intervals.

I have one. I can say that yours sounds broken. If I go in the big ring and small gear, I cant pedal whilst seated. Generally at 400w I’ve still got 2 cogs left.

Thanks. Certainly seems like something is not right. I appreciate your response, good to hear from someone with the same equipment.

I assume you got it from wiggle. If so, their return policy is good. Hopefully you get a fixed. :+1: