Improving virtual power - mag trainer - Lifeline TT-01

Looking for help getting at least a vaguely accurate virtual power measurement following my frustration over on this thread:

I am using a Lifeline TT-01 mag trainer (also known as a Brand-X TT-01) - about as cheap as you can get. This has a supposed maximum resistance of 800w and 6 resistance settings. This trainer is not one of the options in TrainerRoad (fwiw it is apparently in Zwift’s options), so based on the TR Support pages recommendations I had set the app to an Elite Mag (set at 3 / 5 resistance, and my TT-01 set halfway between 3 and 4). I have checked and double checked my wheel’s circumference. I’m using a Wahoo speed and cadence sensor.

I can find no-one using this trainer in the forums so interested to hear if anyone else has experience setting up for more accurate virtual power. If I figure it out I’ll post here so others don’t have to feel as useless as me in the future!

OK. Ignore this post. I worked out that in the time I spent worrying about this I could have:

  • completed a useful workout
  • played games with my kids
  • made snacks / dinners to keep the family going for a few days.

I have pasted a note on my bars saying ‘stop being a dick. 182w = 228 real w’

After all, I have what virtual power is supposed to be able to give - consistent information for this training season! Why would I throw that away?