Lezyne Micro C GPS watch displays inflated distance compared to recorded distance

Hi everyone.
Anyone else have a Lezyne Micro watch and experienced a difference in recorded distance versus what was displayed at end of cycle?
Had a race at the weekend with a 25 mile cycle, covered the distance according to the watch display but when ride was downloaded it showed 23.6 mls was covered. Cycle leg was on multiple laps of a circuit

This is probably just due to the GPS sensitivity of the Lezyne Micro Watch. The way these devices work is by recording a data point at a certain location every “x” seconds. The more sensitive a device, the more data ticks it can create, and the more accurate it is. Distance irregularities are very common, and more so in situations like a circuit race with multiple laps.

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Thanks for that @larry, have used a garmin in same situation before without any issues, may have to go back.