Let's see your Steel builds!

That is a gorgeous bike. Very understated from a Cinelli standpoint.

Custom painted Holdsworth Competition with mixed Campag 11x gruppo and Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset.


Holding off on the English dream race bike for now. Ended up getting this for the kids. Building a box for it this week. It’s a Scissortail built by Dewayne Norvill out of Norman, OK. Chris King violet everything, Quarq power meter, 1x, dropper post, and an Eagle cassette. Turned out better than I could have dreamed!!! :heart::heart:


Sorry for not seeing your comment until now… yes, original Campy high-flange hubs!

Powermeter on a cargo bike is sick! Love it! Fingers crossed you’ll be riding it at least as much as it deserves it :wink:


@hannes Have ridden it a ton so far! Taking a break due to COVID at the moment, unfortunately. 88 hours, almost 1200 miles, and at least as many smiles so far. The box is a work in progress. Here are some pics of it in action:


There’s a chance Richard would build you a new fork for it… worth a shot anyway.

Dawes Galaxy, all dressed up and ready to go. Respray by Bob Jackson, Leeds.


This is my first bike since riding a BMX 20 years ago (I bought it like this, didn’t build :slight_smile: ):

I’d like to replace the handlebars with some dropped ones; does anyone know what parts I can re use and what parts I have to buy? I’m guessing the new bar, brake levers and gear shifters? Is there any guide for how/where shifters fit onto dropped bars? I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few hours but I’m quite overwhelmed by all the choices & information there is so I feel more confused than when I started researching it.


My Japanese Keirin Stratos. I ride a lot of single speed, this is one of two I have.



Lucky enough to have found this Festka xcr frame a couple years ago on the lfgss forum. Built up with ultegra and PowerTap carbon wheels. Currently can’t imagine riding anything else. :kissing_cat:


Who say’s 26" is dead?


Proper play toy :smiley:

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She’s turning 50 this year, so this Schwinn Suburban is my winter wrenching project. :slight_smile:


Strong custom blend from ~2009. Truthfully I don’t ride it too often, but when I do I immediately wonder why.


Well, steel and carbon… Weird seat is a demo model I was trying out.


2011 Enigma Elite

Bike has done over 30,000km all over the world and just had a full strip, repaint and rebuild by Enigma earlier this year. I have a few bikes but always say this will be the one I grab from the garage if the house was burning down… Still puts a big smile on my face with every ride.
Originally built with mostly SRAM Red but now 11spd Ultegra. Rotor crank & P2M, Ritchey carbon cockpit and alternates with 30 and 42mm SLR1 wheelsets.

The details of the paint scheme are incredible and Dave @Enigma offered to add a unique personal touch, so he painted the profile of the Maratona on the chainstay as a reminder of completing that event on this bike back in 2012.


Hot damn :fire:

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Easily one of the most beautiful bikes posted. Seriously good looking. Nice choice of parts, not too many spacers . Great paintjob.
Fingers crossed you’ll enjoy many, many more kilometers on that bike. 30k is a great start :wink: