Singlespeed Bike Thread

There wasn’t a single speed thread, and selfishly my next project bike is a single speed gravel bike, so I figured I’d start one.

Post your single speeds if you have them!


Here’s my current Singlespeed

I have not got it on dirt yet… I was able to sell almost all of my old parts that I did not use from by SIR-9, except for the stem… Although I will transfer my Syntace P6 seatpost to my cross/gravel bike. I want to try and race the SS on some of the more pure XC courses. We’ve got a few of those Wednesday night series during the summer that would be fun to enter with it.

Here’s my old SIR-9, about to race an Xterra. I did 2 years of Xterra racing on my SS… Not sure if that was just really stupid, or really hardcore. Running off of a SS equal pain… But there’s still a strava segment or two from that race that I’ve still got PB remaining from 2016. A SS can be pretty fast! I’m quite a lot fitter now, but I also messed up my pacing on that course this past year so I think it should have fallen, but they have one more year of life.


I ride a SS roadie commuter…which is filthy AF at the moment…does that count?? :confused:



Alright…maybe I’ll hose ‘er down after work & post a pic for all the blue collar bikers. :muscle:

Does fixed count? :wink:
2018-08-25_06-21-53 by duncancmartin, on Flickr

It’s a real bitsa - 531 Raleigh frame blasted and resprayed by me. Wheels are secondhand ebay jobs (PlanetX on front, Roval rim on Tune hub on the back) that cost under £70 total. Components were picked out of the bargain/secondhand bin at a local bikeshop many years ago, and have been replaced as and when needed. The picture is a bit out of date - it now has a stronglight track crankset, an adjustable aheadstem on a converter with a 3T aero bullbar, and TT style brake levers.



Pretty much Beater Bike… Love it!

Found this Complete bike at a local bike store… stripped it down… and built it back up as a Single Speed!

Did I mention… Love it!

Can put Cross Tires on it in the Fall and Spring and have fun… from time to time… Winter too!

Use it as my Grocery Getter!


But if it’s a fixie, why brakes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Riding on the road in the UK requires a brake on both wheels. The fix counts as a back wheel brake (so long as you run a lockring), so I could leave off the rear brake. However, I used to use this as an everyday bike, so I appreciated the extra security of the rear brake.
When it’s set up as a dedicated TT bike, I might only run the front brake - I’ll see how I feel riding it like that…


Any opinions on drop bar versus flat bar? I’m trying to figure out if I want to pick up a gravel frame or a mtb frame

(Posted this in the TR user bikes thread, different angle)

My primary ride as seen on the top of Mandeville Canyon Road in LA a few weeks ago.

I’m a fixed roadie. I put 6048 miles on this last season.

I basically only ride a geared road bike on the trainer in TR anymore.


That’s a beauty. I’m well acquainted with that climb although I live on the east side now.

You were the one who suggested it to me. I even parked in the Brentwood Blue Bottle per your suggestion.

I also did your DTLA/Griffith loop (though I made it back to the LA river bike path quicker than your route on the return both times, avoided that Los Feliz descent into Riverside Dr) from your Strava route twice (once each way, clockwise and counter clockwise). E Observatory Drive is a beast going up or down while fixed.

Thanks for those suggestions. I’ll be back soon for more.



Oh awesome! Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

This will be the next SS build (I own a few). It’s a 2006 De Kerf 26” disc singlespeed frame that happens to clear 700 x 38mm tyres, flat bar SS gravel bike/commuter here we come! Always wanted a De Kerf, was fortunate enough to stumble upon this recently.


My State Black Label V2, all custom build, including the wheels which I built.


H Plus Son :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:

They’re sweet, here’s a closeup

and my son’s bike with H Plus Sons on Dura Ace hubs


Nice collection of suspension forks in the background :nerd_face::drooling_face:

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