Let's see your paincave!

Man these are fantastic! I can’t be the only one that gets just as big a kick out of the ironing board in a kitchen pain caves as I do the million dollar ones.


I have to admit that I don’t like the term pain cave, a bit to trite for me.


Earlier this year the wife picked up a Peloton so we combined my office and her office to one room and converted her office into an exercise room.
Surprisingly don’t end up even using the tv that often as I prefer using my Aftershokz headphones with ear plugs in because the fans are so loud at full volume. I also need to move the TV down a little bit, but that will require relocating the wall mount which I haven’t gotten around to.
I also need to install some thermal blackout shades since this room gets afternoon sun and gets extremely hot in the summer.


Can I ask how the viewing angle of the large TV feels when you’re on the bike? Does it feel natural? Always thought that a good height is the centre of the display is level with your eyesight at your lowest bike position. Are there benefits for the display to be low?

It`s worked really well, I gave it a little thought and modelled up some scenarios in CAD that would work best for me in the TT position (Triathlons are my thing) and the distance from my head to screen I have available.

It also left the option for another TV above, just having the TR screen on the big screen somehow makes the workout`s easier to manage which has surprised me.

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After 15 months overseas and training in a living room/outside/in a damp basement/in hotel quarantine/and in my mother-in-laws sewing room, we finally made it home. After getting hit by a car and needing some time off last week, I painted, cleaned and set up the garage for a dedicated training space. Can’t wait to test it out as I have the all clear to resume training




Here’s mine. It’s located in my bedroom, which also happens to be my office. The full swivel mount on the TV means I can use the TV from any spot in the room.

The ‘desk’ is a music stand tripod, an iPad mount from Amazon, a bamboo organization box and a plumbing flange to mount it.

Lasko fans keep me cool. One is aimed at my torso and the other at my face. Both are set to their lowest volume to keep the noise level down.

Sam, the cat, is not allowed in the room when I’m riding. Explaining his injuries to a vet would be difficult.


Nice setup, and love the kittie judging you :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t remember the last time I saw a grandfather clock (very cool). However, it appears you are missing the clock?

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Long story. 50 years ago my parents found this antique grandfather clock case. They always intended to find clock works and get it working. In the meantime, my dad put shelf pegs inside it and it became a curio cabinet. That’s how it stayed.

My mom moved recently and didn’t want to use it anymore. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. It will never be a clock again. I’m going to refit it with glass shelves and led interior lighting to make it a proper curio cabinet.


You can get a Bluetooth dongle that will go on the headphone jack on the TV and then you can listen to the Tv via the Aftershokz.


If you dont like the name “PAIN CAVE” you can name it “PLEASURE CORNER” like me because first of all it isnt a cave its just a corner in the garage and second even in the pain when training Im always enjoying it… Well most of the time at least :grin:

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It’s crying out to be a minibar :wink:

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