Let's see your paincave!

It’s around 20° in there, hotter outside so perhaps the insulation is helping.

Reorganised the fans, used a loft board across the power cage safety bars to mount the floor fan.

Still dripping sweat though.


Maybe some blinds or something to block out the sun coming in so much would cool it down?

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Pain cave improvements complete. After freezing cold mornings/evenings during the winter air con is installed and insulation fitted between the rafters and boarded out.


Nice jersey collection. La Vie Claire would look good next to the Team Zed :grimacing:

Nice new setup.

What is the cord velcroed to your frame?

Lol. That is my ghetto shifter. The bike is a Chinese open mold that has a crack in the seat tube. It’s not huge but I don’t feel safe to ride it on the road. So it’s a trainer bike. The groupset went to another bike so I built this with minimal spare parts to get it running. The RD and shifter came from my old commuter bike. As you can see, the bar tape is the excess from previous wraps. The normal shifters aren’t hooked up to anything, just there to feel normal. And yes, it does shift. Pretty well actually. Started with just a spare piece of shifter cable tightened to hold the RD in one gear, but this shifter allows me to use the barrel adjuster to align the RD better. And I just used velcro to get it out the way mainly.

What’s the old saying? It ain’t stupid if it works.


This is the paincave of my brother. The set-up is a bit rough but nothing compared to the bike.


That bike is in pain :face_with_head_bandage:


Add a chicken and that’s the indoor training setup Rocky Balboa would have.


This post needs somber music playing in the background, and a follow up post with brighter music when the bike has been released, serviced and allowed to roam free again.



Cue up the “Rocky IV Montage”

The new and improved pain cave with an added weightlifting rack and a new wall mounted TV right in time for TDF.