Let's see your paincave!

Thanks :blush: we’re so so happy with it. It was done by the previous owners but was a big part of what drew us to this house.

That space sounds like it’ll be perfect, very similar in size to what we have. Ours was built as a home office so the spec is a little high for a training room (although I’m not complaining) I think a shed would do fine, run power & internet to it, give it a lick of paint and I’m sure you’ll love it!



Just finished reorganising mine for the spring/summer season and I’m feeling a bit disappointed. Everything should look tidy and utilitarian but it just looks cluttered to me.


More to do methinks


I feel the same when i go into my garage… maybe some of the folks with the tier 1 paincaves (you know who you are!!) could share their best practices for decluttering, aesthetics etc for the rest of us to learn from?

I believe the term is “Staging”.


Thankful we are getting to the part of the year when I can open the garage for the early morning rides.


When there was no more room to add equipment, the only thing left do to was add bling. The Hue lights are white when the PC is off and color match when it is on.


if you can open the garage, you don’t need an indoor trainer :slight_smile:


Ha. I used to think the same thing. Now, I have two wonderful girls under 3, so I get my rides in during naps and in the morning before they wake up. It is generally frowned upon to leave them home alone at this age, so I take the garage during the week and on weekends I get to see some dirt.


First step throw or sell stuff you never use. It is hard to do but that got me to start where I was at. I also though in my other spaces the same.

I don’t know if I have top tier but I do like to be organized.


Non-specific but relevant tips.

Made a few additions since my last post.


Well I got a Neo Bike a month ago and was trying to figure out how to use my Saris MP1 as I did not want to sell it and my Dad helped me with a solution by suggesting I use oak in some way due to its strength.

Piece of 3/4” oak cut to shape, bolts that came with Saris to run under track to make sure it was solid and a few trim pieces to keep it from moving. Will cut the bolts down at some point and might reuse the front straps that hold the wheel at some point.

Tested it out and works really well


KILLER! :smiley:

Are you happy with the combo now?

@mcneese.chad Have loved the MP1 with my N2T for a while and had opportunity to get a Neo bike and honestly the Neo bike is way better hands down. The N2T is no slouch and still have it but something about riding the bike is special.

The other day 2 hour Perkins w/o rocker and no problems.

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Right on! Looks and sounds like one great setup. Congrats :smiley:

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Thanks and enjoying it for sure. Been inside using the TN feature as the pollen here is dreadful for another few weeks. But I really enjoy indoor riding anyway.

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What rack are you using for your shoes?

I love that shoe rack! Also, I zoomed in and saw your Tech coasters. Go Red Raiders!

I found it on Amazon.

mDesign Modern Metal Shoe Organizer Display & Storage Shelf Rack - Hang & Store Your Collection of Kicks, Running, Basketball, Trainers, Tennis Shoes, 4 Tier, Holds 8 Shoes, Wall Mount - Graphite Gray https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LC3WXJ1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_3BD8HVXBP7DPDN3X8J07


Heck yea! Guns Up!

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